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One of my many hobbies is small woodwork projects.  Below are some examples of various woodworking projects I have completed.  These are all available for sale so simply click the Contact tab if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a work.  Everything can be customized with names, sayings, etc.


Partners in Wine Caddy

This is a handmade wine caddy that holds your favorite wine and two glasses!  Easy carry and stain resistant, this caddy is perfect for a hike to the beach or park.  Sells for $40.00 plus shipping. 


Wine o'clock Somewhere Caddy

It has got to be wine o'clock somewhere, right? This wine caddy is fun and easy for transporting your favorite drink to your favorite quiet place!  Also cute decor for the wine cabinet or table!  Sells for $40.00 plus shipping.


Dog Leash and Treat Station

This dog leash and treat station is the perfect place to hold three to six leashes, dog treats, or a retractable leash in the small box.  Hang this by the door and be ready for your next trip with your favorite furry friend!  Easy to clean and handmade! Life is good at BOTH ends of the leash!  Sells for $50.00 plus shipping. 


Dog Leash and Treat Station

This dog leash and treat station says, "If I can't bring my dog, I'M NOT GOING!   Ain't that the truth!  Holds up to six leashes and treats in the box.  Hang this by your door and be ready to roll with your pup!  Sells for $50.00 plus shipping! 


Affirmation Cubes

Affirmation cubes are a great way to show someone how much you care and express all the great things they are to you!  Each four-inch (almost) square cube contains positive affirmations about the individual (Smart, Caring, Leader, Loving, Creative, etc.)  Simply provide the name of your awesome person and pick four traits (affirmations) that they possess!   A great gift for teens, coworkers, and others who can pick it up anytime and be reminded of how truly awesome they really are!  Marbled in your selected colors and your selected name for $20.00 plus shipping. 


Tequila Caddy 


Tequila Caddy 

With this tequila caddy, you are never far away from a quick shot with a friend!  One glass away from saying what you really think!  Two shot glasses (included) and room for a standard bottle of your favorite tequila, this shot caddy can be custom colored with multiple phrases on the bottom!  Sells for $40.00 plus shipping! 


Time to Wine Down Caddy

Tequila may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot!  And you will never be too far away from a shot of your favorite tequila with this caddy!  Armed with two shot glasses (included) and your favorite brand of tequila, take this for a walk in the woods or down by the river for an afternoon of shots and relaxation!  Sells for $40.00 plus shipping. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Order with confidence as your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If for any reason you don't like any product, simply return it for a full refund or replacement (return shipping charges may apply.) 

No questions asked! 

This handmade wine caddy holds your favorite brand of wine and two glasses!  Easy carry and stain resistant, this caddy is perfect for a hike to the beach or park.when it really is Time to WINE DOWN!  Sells for $40.00 plus shipping. 

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