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Last Days of an Escort Score

I am excited to be working once again with Butch Maier and Sum Bad Hat Productions to provide the score for his new film, The Last Days of an Escort!  Filming now with production and release later in 2024, I am looking forward to another great collaboration with an amazing production team! 



Excited to have worked with Director Gordy Price and James Person to score their series Saltville.  Watch for it on a streaming service this summer, 2024!


IN STUDIO- I'm Still Here

I am working in the studio on my tenth studio album, I'm Still Here.  This release will include some new country  comedy tracks to make everybody happy!  Featuring the title track I'm Still Here music bed from Jan Helge Ness, and the album includes performances by Ralph Salmins (Drums), Adam Goldsmith (Guitars), Geoff Gascoyne (Bass), and Tom Cawley (Keyboards) on supporting tracks!


Front Cover Alternative.jpg
Scored Music for Special Police

Thanks to Producer/Director Timothy Ruane for selecting me to provide the score and title music for his new film, Special Police.   This short film is a "comic, tastefully farcical, morality play-like, independent" film with a "touch of modern art" production and theme. Screening in 2023 at a film festival near YOU!


Coming Home End Credit Music

Thanks to Rogue Chimera Films and Producers Lowrie Fawley and D. Duckie Rodriguez and Director Shiva Rodriguez for allowing me to produce the ending credit music sequence for their horror/slasher film Coming Home!  I really enjoyed going once again into the dark side! 


Moonshine on front cover.jpg
Pitch Perfect Indie Music Magazine Review

Thanks to the folks over at Pitch Perfect Indie Music Magazine for an awesome review of my EP, Moonshine On!  Click here or the image to check it out, and be sure to check out tunes streaming on Spotify and Apple Music!  Order your physical copy here!


Trail of Doom

I was excited to have my music featured over the opening credits for the short film Trail of Doom from Rogue Chimera Films.  Initially screened at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival in 2022 and touring indie film festivals worldwide in 2023!   


Kill Devil Hills

I had the pleasure of scoring with Producer and Director Butch Maier his new suspense/thriller Kill Devil Hills.  This is an exciting suspense/slasher movie with loads of surprises!  Watch for it streaming soon online later this year! 


Ten Doors

I had the pleasure of working with Director Gordy Price and James Person to score their horror film, Ten Doors.  Released now on Troma Entertainment and streaming online. 


Shockoe Sessions Live.jpg
Artwork featured on Shockoe Sessions Live 

I was privileged to have three of my pieces of pastel and pencil artwork featured on the latest edition of the streaming show, Shockoe Sessions Live. To check out more, simply click the link at the top called...oddly enough...Artwork!


Mother of a Day
It was a blast scoring many scenes in the indie comedy Mother of A Day for Director Butch Maier!  It is available now streaming on Tubi (Roku) and can be streamed or purchased as a download or DVD from many online retailers. 


What I do...


I write, produce and release my original alternative country and comedy music on Common Stock Records!  


I produce soundtracks for broadcast television and internet shows and short films.

I produce commercials for national and international corporations and businesses.


I produce comedy parodies and original comedy music tracks for the WXGM Morning Show in Gloucester Virginia. 


I create the comic book SPIN and oil pastel shadow art.  For more information on SPIN, click the link at the top right. 


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