In Studio and Production

I am excited to be working with tracks from Gary Carter and Norwegian producer Jan Helge Nes on a new four song EP called Grateful, releasing early Spring 2022!  All NEW songs with some amazing production that I hope all of you will enjoy!  More news coming soon about how and when you can hear tracks!


Shockoe Sessions Live.jpg
Artwork featured on Shockoe Sessions Live 

I was privileged to have three of my pieces of pastel and pencil artwork featured on the latest edition of the streaming show, Shockoe Sessions Live. To check out more, simply click the link at the top called...oddly enough...Artwork!


Dirt Track Man FREE Release

Dirt Track Man, music recorded by Gary Carter and lyrics sung and recorded by me is available FREE on SoundCloud.  Get on over and check it out NOW!  Give it a listen here: Dirt Track Man



I am excited to be working with Teresa Gallego and Kristopher Betska on the new prequel to the Terminator movies, Skynet.  This is going to be an awesome project and an exciting film to take you back and move you forward in the Terminator series!  Currently in pre-production with planned release in 2022!  


Ten Doors

I am currently working with Producer and Director Gordy Price to score his new horror film, Ten Doors.  This is a jump scare fest you are sure to dig! 


Kill Devil Hills

I had the pleasure of scoring with Producer and Director Butch Maier for his new thriller Kill Devil Hills.  This is an exciting suspense/slasher movie

with loads of surprises!



I enjoyed working with Producer and Director Nic NIxon to score his new post apocalyptic film, Jenocide.  This is a gritty and exciting short film similar to Mad Max meets the WWF!  Look for it online streaming soon!


Mother of a Day
It was a blast scoring many scenes in the indie comedy Mother of A Day for Director Butch Maier!  It is available now for free streaming on Tubi (Roku) and can be streamed or purchased as a download or DVD from many online retailers. 


What I do...


I write, produce and release my original alternative country and comedy music on Common Stock Records!  


I produce soundtracks for broadcast television and internet shows and short films.

I produce commercials for national and international corporations and businesses.


I produce comedy parodies and original comedy music tracks for the WXGM Morning Show in Gloucester Virginia. 


I create the comic book SPIN and oil pastel shadow art.  For more information on SPIN, click the link at the top right.